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During the past few months I have been working on a story written by the amazing Kristen Tracy ( I really love her work!

She wrote a story called "We are different" and I have been drawing animals since then. I thought it will be fun to share a bit of the process here.

I got a lot of inspiration from the books of James Herriot and the British countryside.

And the Sorolla Museum in Madrid, which I visited this summer. I keep on learning from it, every time I go there.

After the character explorations, I created the character page:

I worked on a chase spread of the book:

and this is the final art (before cropping it and adding the text) :)

I also created a second spread which I will share in the next post.

Thank you all for being there, I know there is not a lot of people watching this space, but welcome to my little corner on the internet where I could share a bit behind the scenes of everything.


The end of summer arrived. Rain and clouds also came and I took some time to go to visit to visit my dad and the rest of my family.

I went by train and I spent a week at the Pyrenees on the way there.

It felt like one of those summers when time stops and both adventures and quiet times bring us joy:

Hello again! During the past year I experienced climate anxiety and the loss of someone very dear to me. Sometimes life throws you moments when you need to be strong, and just live one day at a time. During this time, I drew a lot of comics (you can see some of them here**).

However, I am back now to the drawing table (see pictures below!).

I created this little illustration:

There is not much story but I hope to work on these characters a bit more in the coming months, along with a project that I am starting with the amazing Kristen Tracy .

As an update of "Life Lately", the garden is wild and beautiful at the moment. Full of life. Butterflies, catterpillars, flies, many bumblebees and some berries. The cat has been sleeping a lot.

I recently went on a little "Date with the Artist" to Linton. To sketch some houses and practice observational drawing.

Thanks for being there. Now, go and draw something! (as Jake Parker says at the end of the 3P Perspective podcast).


**My illustrated story at the SureFoot effect website:

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