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Maya's Marvellous Medicine

In collaboration with the Babraham Institute, a biomedical research centre in Cambridge, we produced an educational picture book to convey the importance of vaccines, and the immune system. This book is available free online in Dutch and English. This outreach project was funded by VIB, KULeuven, the Babraham Institute and the BBSRC. Written by Prof. Liston. This book was released in October 2021.


This is the story of Maya and her journey to learn how the immune system works, and how vaccines help the immune system to be strong. Whether it is the immune system or a running race, the lesson is clear - practise makes perfect!

Battle Robots of the Blood

To help to raise awareness about the difficulties faced by patients with immune diseases, we created this picture book. Written by Prof. Liston and illustrated by me. This book is available free online in many languages (released in February 2020).

Tim is a regular 7 year-old boy, who happens to have a primary immunodeficiency, caused by a genetic defect in his immune system.

This is Tim's story of his life and how the immune system works. Heading into the hospital every month for treatment is just a normal part of his life. He doesn't really see the fuss, but he knows how scared his parents are when he gets sick.For Tim, it is much more important that his friends are vaccinated so that he can play with them!

Coronavirus - Just for Kids!

When the pandemic started, in collaboration with Prof. Liston, we created a picture book to help families and educators understand the complexities of Covid-19.

A weird little virus from bats has us all staying at home.

Help explain the Coronavirus to kids with this easy-to-read book all about Coronavirus and how we are defeating it!

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