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Your Six-legged Guests

How often do you notice nature around you? With this post, be ready to be immersed into the world of insects and other tiny creatures around you.

I will also invite you to to be part of the journey of creating an illustration on this topic.


Taking time to observe a ladybug waking up after winter, the two large spiders taking up

residence into your little cloakroom or those bumblebees that visit your balcony at dawn.

Noticing the small world around you can be easily neglected nowadays. Busy with your

workload, a commute or the «I don’t have time» syndrome.

Just observing. There is a miniature wildlife world at our doorstep waiting to be

discovered. Waiting to make a positive impact on you. This tiny world of insects can

warm our hearts. Every so often there is a wilder connection, when we look a bit closer.

They clean up the planet for us, pollinate the plants and provide the basis of the food

chain. They are gardeners that help our flowers to bloom, farmers of our vegetables.

With millions of years of fine tuning evolution, insects are tiny marvels that we just can’t

live without.

The art of noticing small creatures often provides a real sense of wellbeing. I often find

myself observing this small living world, taking pictures and notes in my sketchbook.

With all these ideas in my head, I wondered, do insects also observe the importance of

nature? In this illustration, I wanted to explore this idea. A group of insects and small

creatures admiring the magnificence of a tulip. Could they go in tourist trips to observe

the tulip?

I incorporated two species of «true » weevils or «snout beetles». Recognised by their

distinctive long snouts and geniculate antennae with small clubs. Many species are

common household garden pests but do not harm people, pets or buildings. On the left,

there is a group of ants, approaching the scene. Bumblebees, mosquitoes, two snails

and a caterpillar complete the repertoire of «tulip admirers».

Done with a watercolour underpainting, using pastels and a collage technique, this

illustration aims to highlight the importance of the small living events that often become



Some things I am enjoying these days:

  • BBC Sounds Channel 4: Letter from Ukraine

  • Learning Italian with EasyItalian

  • Cooking fresh pasta with Jamie Oliver

  • Planting a pineapple top

  • Making a home for the swifts. We are waiting for them to arrive to UK!

  • Planting sweet peas indoors, getting them ready to be planted outside in few months


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